The Email Photo feature is used for sharing photos through the app. Users can email photos to an app directly through this feature. They can take a photo and share it, or they can select photos from their device's gallery. This article provides information on how to build the Email Photo feature.

The Email Photo feature is great for these industries:

  • Conference
  • Bar and Club
  • Band or Musical Artist

Within the feature, the Recent Photos section shows users the pictures they have previously emailed. They are stored locally on the users' devices, and these photos are only visible to the users who sent them. No one else has access to these images, including the app creator. They cannot be removed from the feature unless the app is uninstalled and then reinstalled.



Adding the Email Photo Feature

  1. On the CMS, navigate to Create > Build.
  2. Click on the +Add link next to the FEATURES section.
  3. Search for the Email Photo feature.
  4. From the results, select the Email Photo feature.
  5. Click Select
  6. Enter a name for the feature, and click on the Add button.

  7. In the left-side menu, under the FEATURES section, click on your newly-created feature to add/edit content and design features.

Customizing the Email Photo Content

In the Content tab, you can rename the feature and add other important information.

  • Under the Screen Info section, you can change your Screen / Feature Name.
    This is the name that appears in the app's feature menu.
    In this section, you can also add an icon for your feature by clicking on the Add button.

Under the Details section, you can add the following information:

  • Description: Add a description to let users know what kind of photos to send.
  • Email: Input a valid email address to receive the photos.
  • Subject: Enter a subject for all the received emails.

  • Click SAVE at the top right.