You can create a dynamic design for your app's (iOS/Android/PWA) look and feel utilizing customizable display settings for your app's: 

  • homescreen (navigation buttonsdesktop home button text, additional buttons, tabsmenu type, background color, branding images and more)
  • navigation (app and button icons, button and menu text, background color and more)
  • features' global styling (UI bar text, main text color, background color, font settings and more)

Below you can find an overview of the design functionalities to create an app with your desired layout.

You can access the Design menu from the Busca -Apps CMS, by navigating to Create > Design. The Design menu has three tabs: 

  • Homescreen
  • Navigation
  • Global Styling

There is no predefined sequence that needs to be followed while designing an app on this platform. The customers are free to try different things at any stage!

Note: While you begin the app building process with the Design Step, you can always add or adjust the design as you please after you have moved onto the subsequent steps. 


The following functionalities are available in the Homescreen section:

1Slide Out MenuYou can choose one of these options as the home screen Layout. You can find more information below under the 'Layout' Subsection.
2Grid Menu
3Scrolling Menu
4Tab Bar Menu
5Background ColorYou can select a background color. This is the color below your home screen background image. 
6BrandingYou can add the customer's company logo using the BiznessApp's Branding feature.
7Homescreen BackgroundYou can upload or choose a homescreen background image.
8Carousel ImagesYou can add up to 5 rotating Carousel Images.


The Layout(options 1-4) is the first thing you will be called to select when you navigate to the Homescreen Section.

You can select one of the following types of layout for the Homescreen:

  • Slide Out Menu
  • Grid Menu (Note: It is not supported for tablet versions)
  • Scrolling Menu
  • Tab Bar Menu

More Button

For the Grid and Tab Bar Menu, if you have more features than that can be displayed on the menu, a More button is added to extend the menu options. 

Grid Menu

Tab Bar Menu

This button is added as a feature. Hence, you can configure it under the Create > Build section. Here, you can change the text/language of the Feature Name and add a Feature Icon 

Once you are done with the Layout Configuration, you can scroll down on the Homescreen section to view and configure the following additional options:

  • Sliding View : You can change the Sliding View to List or Grid.
  • Menu Hint Text: You can use this option to display a text label next to the menu icon.
  • Additional Buttons: Call Us, Directions, and Share. (Note: Available only for the Slide Out and Tab Bar menus).
  • Shortcuts: Add Shortcuts to the features within the app. 
  • Desktop Home Button Text : You can customize the desktop home button that is used to navigate to the Home screen when viewing on a desktop