Premium Add-On Features-not included in base packages.


Stop relying on printers, scanners, or postal workers. Paper forms are a thing of the past with our new E-Signature Add-on. Let users quickly and securely sign documents within your app, saving time and money for your business and your customers.

This article provides the steps to configure the E-Signature Add-on feature on your app.

Configuring the E-Signature Add-On

  1. You must send a ticket to us a request to add the E-Signature Add-on in your Custom Form Feature. (If you do not have Custom Form Feature enabled in your app please send us a ticket request)

  2. From the main menu, go to Create > Build.
  3. Locate Custom Form under Features.
  4. Click Add New Custom Form.

  5. From the Add a field section in the Add New Custom Form panel, click on Signature and drag it to the form on the right.

  6. To access additional configurations for the Signature Field, click on either of the following menus:  
    • Field Properties
    • Form Properties
    • Theme
  7. Click Add.

  8. Click Save.