Premium Add-On Features-not included in base packages.


The Multiple Language Add-on displays your app's content in multiple languages. Multiple Language Support gives you the freedom to use a single app in multiple countries or in any situation where your users speak different languages. You can choose up to five (5) languages, enter your content into the CMS in those languages and voila! App users with their device OS set to one of those languages will see your content in that language. This article will provide information on the Multiple Language Add-on and how to enable it.


The areas of the app that you will be able to translate are the "content" portions of your app. This includes feature names, WYSIWYG editor content, and various other input fields in the app builder. We display the translated content based on which language the user has selected on their device.

Follow the process below to access the Multiple Language Add-On.


  1. Click on Settings > App Languages.


  2. Here you can select up to five (5) languages.

  3. Fields that support multiple languages are denoted with a colored circle. Use the Editing content in: drop-down in the header bar to switch between languages.