We have implemented some fairly strict publishing restrictions and screenshot requirements. We want to make sure you know how to handle these!


Q: Why can’t I publish my app?

A: Apple is extremely picky with what they allow to be published to the iTunes store. After seeing hundreds of rejections and thousands of apps go through, we have become pretty good at knowing what sort of avoidable issues will cause a rejection. For that reason, we have created an automated system upon publishing to review your app for common rejections.

Q: What should I do when I am prevented from publishing?

A: We have created these restrictions to help you, not to make your life more difficult. If you are stopped from publishing, please read through all of the errors and make the suggested changes.

Q: What are some common republishing errors and what do they mean?

A1: Check Validation Errors. This means that the app information in the Publish Step, such as App KeywordsContact Email, or App Category has not been completed. This information is very important for the iTunes app store.

A2: The first 5 tabs should be highly functional. Please move any Info and Website tabs farther down the list. Apple likes to see the first 5 tabs of the app as native features and highly dislikes to see website or info tabs in the first 5 tabs because they are considered to be marketing materials. Please move any Website or Info tabs out of the first five tabs. You can change this back after Apple approves the app.

A3: You need at least 10 active tabs for your iOS app. Apple likes to see 10-13 tabs in each app. We want to ensure you are publishing with at least 10 tabs to satisfy this requirement. We understand that not all apps require this many tabs, but this will increase your chances of having the app approved on the first try. We usually recommend adding tabs that utilize native functionality and are easy to set up, such as the News tab or the Car Finder. You can disable these after approval.

Q: Why do I need screenshots for iPhone 6 and 6+?

A: This is a new requirement that Apple Developer has added. We have created the screenshot generator to make this requirement much easier for you to fulfill.

Email us at support@busca-apps.com with any additional questions!