A. Yes we do. Busca-Apps product is equipped with several third party applications that you may integrate with your web forms & surveys. Each application sends the form data to a different web platform when the form is submitted. You may find 3rd party apps in website tab from the CRM dashboard. All you need is the minimum subscription plan that supports the application and the credentials of the platform where you want the data sent.

Jotform and WuFoo Form are available on the free plan, but in order to use other applications, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription. But have no worries, as each higher plan comes with more treats and higher advantages that will bring better results to your app.


Here are some recommended online forms for the 3rd party survey integration.

  • Google Form - Free
    • Limited to a maximum 11 form field properties only.
    • No payment integration (Authorize.net, etc.)
  • Wufoo – Pricing
    • Free (maximum of 100 entries/responses per month),
    • Lowest paid is $14.08/month (maximum of 1,000 entries/responses per month),
    • $29.08/month with google analytics integration
    • Downside of the free account is they require you to use a paid subscription if you want to collect payment form (Authorize.net, etc).
  • Jotform – Pricing
    • Free (maximum of 100 entries/responses per month) 5 forms only,
    • Lowest paid is $15.83/month (maximum of 1,000 entries/responses per month) 25 forms only,
    • Free account can collect payment and with integrated form analytics. Downside is it does not comply with HIPAA compliance
  • Typeform – Pricing
    • Free (maximum of 100 entries/responses per month with maximum of 10 questions only),
    • Lowest paid is $30/month (unlimited entries/responses and questions per month)


Read more about each of our integrations using the links provided below:
(Click on the the logos for more information)