When you make changes to your app's content or appearance, it's always important to refresh the app on your device in order to see those changes take effect.

Remember, as long as you're using features compatible with your app's source code, any changes you make to the Design and Build section will take effect immediately. However, Publish Step changes require a full app update, since the majority of those elements are built into the app file or can't be edited without submitting a new version.

The below instructions detail how to refresh app content on your device. Though the instructions primarily pertain to live apps, you can refresh our preview apps in exactly the same way.

Shake Refresh on iOS (Preview App Only):
  1. When the app is active, shake your device to refresh.
  2. Your app will reload to display your changes!

Force-Closing on iOS:
  1. Double-click your device's home button, revealing all active apps.
  2. Locate the app by swiping left or right.
  3. Swipe upward over the app so it disappears from the screen.
  4. Click the home button again to return to the home screen.
  5. Relaunch the app to view your changes!

Force-Closing on Android:
  1. With the app open, hit your device's back button until you reach the home screen.
  2. Relaunch the app to view your changes!

Clearing Cache/Data on Android:
  1. Exit the app.
  2. Open "Device Settings."
  3. Select "Applications/Application Manager" from the Settings list.
  4. Select the app from the list.
  5. Select the "Force Stop," "Clear Cache," and "Clear Data" options.
  6. Relaunch the app to view your changes!