The law is an important aspect of human life. However, it is also complicated. The complex nature of law explains why law students undertake extensive studies before they become lawyers. On the other hand, everyone else needs to study the law as well. Whether you are a doctor, a stay-at-home mom, an engineer, or a city planner, you will need to know the constitution and the laws applying to various professions. Lawyers, clients, and other professionals can find legal apps that will suit all their needs. Here are some features on our Busca-apps that are useful for you:

1. Ticket contact form

Let's your customers send you the information for their traffic ticket.

2. Status Request form

Allow users to send a status request form of their ticket.


3. Payment Services

Let's the users pay thru PayPal or Credit card by the use of our e-wallet feature.

4. Push Notification

You can set up in and around your location to send push notifications of up-to-date news and deals to people in your location’s physical proximity.

5. Customizable Functionality tabs

Promote different campaigns and create functionality features tailored to your needs.

6. Ticket App Promotional Kit

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