Awesome things happen in the mobile world nowadays. If you take a look, you will notice that almost any business considers having a mobile app now in order to boost sales, increase brand awareness and show loyalty to customers. The restaurant industry is not an exception.

Whether you’re starved for time or just plain hungry for your favorite treat, quick-service restaurants and mobile apps are a match made in heaven as restaurant apps target two groups of customers: restaurants themselves and their guests.

Our Busca-apps mobile feature includes:

1. Book your party rooms

3-easy steps on how you can book a room.

2. Dine-in/Takeout/Delivery Feature with payment option

An ordering feature which allows their customers to make new purchases easily and, in most cases, at their doorstep. Convenient. Modern. Customer-oriented. 

3. Event Features

Promote your events and special occasions

4. Customize Functionality Features tailored to your Restaurant needs (Bilingual)

5. Promotional Materials included in your Dashboard and Paperless Coupons

6. Push Notifications

You can set up in and around your location to send push notifications and deals to people in your location’s physical proximity to lure them into your restaurant during meal time. 

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