Group Management - PUSH notifications and emails

Take full control of who can access your app’s features and content


Group Management allows you to define groups, assign users to those groups and control group access via login and password authentication.  It’s useful for any situation where you need to restrict access to certain features of your app or limit the app usage to a specific group of users.              

  • Schools use Group Management to set up distinct app features only accessible to specific types of users such as parents, teachers, or school administrators.             
  • Fitness Centers use Group Management to restrict access to premium content or VIP services to groups of users who have paid for the upgrade.       
  • Companies with internal productivity apps to support employee workflows use Group Management to customize the app functionality for each department.         


Flexible Account Setup

Send an email invite to a single user, upload a list and send invites to a batch of users, or setup the group accounts in advance and distribute the credentials yourself.

Powerful Communication

Easily send push notifications to an entire group of users all at once.



Is there a limit to how many groups I can have, or a total number of users in a group?              

  • There is no limit to total number of groups or total numbers of users per group.


What happens to existing users if I turn on Groups management for my app?

  • The next time your users load the app they will be prompted to login. We recommend enabling the Requested Access feature to help your users easily create an account.


What is Requested Access? How do I enable it?      

  • This feature allows people to create an account with your app by themselves, and then allows you to easily place them into the desired group. Its great when you may have customers that find out about your app before you have invited or created their accounts for them. You can enable this on the Group Log-in page.


What is different about the Sign-up feature and Groups? Are they not the same thing?  

  • They are indeed different, and when Groups is enabled it essentially swaps the Sign-up features with the Groups and Group Log-in settings. Groups allow you to bucket these customers where you can control what features they have access to. Both will offer you the Customer list as well as Single Push Notifications.

After using Groups for some time, what happens if I turn it off?        

  • Your users will all be able to access the full application without an account. Next time the launch your app they will be viewing all of your features, simple as that!