Congrats on taking your app live! This is a huge milestone, you should be proud. You're probably thinking, "What's the next step?" Now, it's time to promote your app and spread the word about all the cool features that are available. The more users that download, the more beneficial it will become for the business.

With Cardiff, we are happy to announce the release of our new Promotional Kit. Use these tools to effectively market your app and gain users!

How To: 

Log into your app and navigate to Grow in the left side menu. Select the drop-down and go to Promote. Here you'll see two options, Promotional Kit and Staff Training Poster.

Promotional Kit

1. The  Promotional Kit is an all in one solution to create seamless promotional material for your business. The kit includes a Poster, Table Tents and Table Cards.

2. To start, select Set Up and choose from one the three promotional options below:

  • Discount
  • Rewards
  • Membership

3. Each option comes with default text and offers. To customize the text, select Edit and add your own promotional offer. Under Edit, you can also choose to add the app icon or QR code, as well as adjust the accent color and reset the template.

4. Next, select the accent color for your material. We recommend sticking to the primary color used within your app for a cohesive design.

5. Lastly, select Download. A zip file containing the Poster, Table Tent and Table Card will be downloaded to a computer. A PDF with instructions on printing your promotional kit will also be included.

Staff Training Poster

1. Use the Staff Training poster notify employees of the new app, highlight the benefits of the app and encourage user installation. Select Setup to get started.

2. Choose the accent color for your poster. We recommend sticking to the primary color used within your app for a cohesive design.

3. The poster comes with default text, however, you can easily customize the content by selecting Edit.

4 Lastly, select Download. The Poster will be downloaded to your computer.

Social Media

Additionally, don't forget to market the app on Social Media! Post your app listing URLs on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blog.




Tips on Searchability

When your app first goes live, you'll probably notice it's not at the top of the list when you search in the App Store/Google Play. This is normal for a new app, but there are some things you can do to gradually increase its visibility.

  1. Have your app users rate it highly and leave comments about the app. The more feedback, the more visibility.
  2. A unique app name will narrow search results so users don't have to swipe through pages and pages before they find yours.
  3. Include specific keywords that are not generic.
  4. Try to make the app description as unique as possible, including the app name and keywords within it. Repetition is essential.