The Mailing List feature is a great way to collect contact info from your app users and steadily build out your subscriber list. Paired with push notifications, this feature helps you get the most out of your app's marketing capabilities.

Monetization ideas:

  • New subscribers = new revenue opportunities, so the more you grow that list the more this feature serves you.
  • Pair targeted push notifications with personalized email marketing to offer app users special discounts for being dedicated mobile customers.
  • Push Notifications


Navigate to the Build tab to begin the setup process, then follow the steps below.

  1. Click ADD FEATURE.
  2. Choose the Mailing List feature from the menu, click SELECT.
  3. Name the feature, click ADD. The new feature will now appear in the left-side menu.
  4. Click on the feature to expand its menu. From the left-side menu you can:
    • Use the checkbox to delete the feature.
    • Click and Drag the arrow icon to rearrange.
    • Edit the feature icon by clicking it, then selecting a new image from the fly-up menu.
    • Toggle ON/OFF the feature.
    • Navigate to a specific section (i.e. Content or Custom Design) to adjust the feature settings.


Here you can rename the feature and adjust the settings.

1. Under Screen Info, change your Screen/Feature Name or leave as-is. This is the name that will appear in the app's feature menu (e.g. "Subscribe" as opposed to "Mailing List").

2. Under Settings, toggle on the button to enable specific options.

  • Prompt Option: When enabled, users will be prompted to join the mailing list when they first install and launch the app.

3. Under Newsletter, customize your feature's content.

  • Description: Explain the benefits of subscribing to your mailing list.
  • Thumbnail Image: Upload a thumbnail image (200x200px in PNG format). This will appear above the description and input fields.
  • Subscriptions: To add specific subscription lists, click ADD SUBSCRIPTION, input the list name, and hit ENTER. Users can choose to subscribe to all lists or just specific ones.

4. Click SAVE at the top right when you're done.